As part of the application procedure, all applicants are invited to set out in a single document of no more than EIGHT PAGES the following THREE components and are requested to place these components in the following order in their application:

A. a cover letter (of no more than two pages) introducing the application and identifying the suitability of the applicant and their research project for the Forum format, as well as setting that project within the broader context of the applicant’s career research and future plans (where appropriate, relevant circumstances must be provided to explain why the applicant is outside the six-year eligibility rule and/or in financial need of a contribution of US$700.00 to their anticipated costs)


B. an updated (and, if needs be, abbreviated) curriculum vitae of the applicant (of no more than two pages) that makes clear:

  • the current position, commencement date of employment and institutional affiliation of the applicant;
  • the employment history of the applicant so as to demonstrate accordance with the six-year eligibility rule and 
  • the main publications (including those publications accepted for publication) of the applicant published/accepted for publication thus far


C. a document of the proposed research presentation for the Forum (of no more than four pages) that includes:

  • the title of the proposed research presentation and
  • the content of the proposed presentation, setting out in clear terms what ideas, argument or set of arguments, critique or analysis they wish to present at the Forum.

Applicants are reminded that work submitted as part of the Forum process must not have been accepted for publication or submitted for publication prior to the occurrence of the Forum in June 2020.

The preference is that this single document of no more than eight pages is then submitted in PDF format, although documents submitted in Word.doc/Word.docx will also be admitted. Applications exceeding this strict page limit will not be entertained. Furthermore, all applications must be made in accordance with the Schedule for the Forum, and must be submitted on or before February 7, 2020. Regrettably, no applications beyond this date can or will be accepted.

Applicants will then be informed of the progress of their application in the new year, and can expect to hear back from the convenors of the Forum before the middle of February 2020. Successful applicants will then be asked to work further on their proposed research presentation for the Forum and prepare a draft of their work for presentation to the entire Forum when it meets in June 2020. The expectation will be that this draft will be of the order of no more than 12,000 words (inclusive of footnotes). The convenors of the Forum wish to emphasize the importance of this limitation; no presentations exceeding this limitation will be able to progress to presentation at the Forum.

The draft of the presentation will be due from each of the selected applicants on or before June 5, 2020: compliance with this deadline is essential because, shortly after this date, presentations will be forwarded to those senior international law scholars participating in the Forum in order that they may prepare their respective responses. At the same time, these presentations will also be circulated in the form of a dossier or compendium to other participants in the Forum, in order that selected junior faculty can participate in the general discussion of other presentations that will be heard at the ninth Forum at the Renmin University of China in June 2020.

Further details of the format of the Forum shall be provided to successful applicants in February 2020.